mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I have a copy of A Tale of Two Cities which turns out to have been edited, and a copy of Don Quixote that is complete and unabridged, and I was desultorily reading through both of them when I wan't reading the memoirs of an Australian who married into a traditional Japanese family. But now Sovay has reminded me of the existence of Albert Campion and I have two of her ebooks on the tablet. Alas, the library doesn't have the intriguing-sounding Look to the Lady, or not in a format I can deal with, since I don't do audiobooks.

(Even with editing, Dickens is still very Dickens eg Mme Dafarge's eyebrows. But it started out very nice, making me think how much better Dickens is than Wilkie Collins. Oh well.)
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