mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yes it's hot but not as hot as EnvCan says it is. 28 rather than 33, so perhaps it's a downtown thing. I manage just fine with the front room AC set to 22, which blows down the hallway and descends, in its happy physics fashion, down the stairs so the ground floor is cool as well. Of course I have a fan going there as well, and in the upper rooms too. Summer is when the electric bills go berserk, as winter is when the gas mounts up.

Knee still pangs mightily but I went out to the front yard, stepping very carefully on the thick ground ivy that covers the yard, and tore a trashbag's worth of vines off the trees. It looks pretty winding about the trunks but is bad for them. I think the not-ironwood is too sturdy to be affected, but the trifurcated birch strikes me as fragile, *and* it overhangs the wires. A blackout waiting to happen,
Tags: rl_21

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