mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Have assembled shower chair which I hope will let me wash my feet more safely than when standing, since left leg won't bend enough to let me reach the sole of that foot easily, and standing on left leg to wash the right foot is always an iffy proposition. Is now too hot for socks, so serious foot washing is a necessity.

Hot weather also brings itches between the toes, so back to prophylactic Tinactin.

Did a wash ths morning which dried in an hour on the line.

Hot weather has perversely not resulted in happier joints. Joints ache, and lower back muscles added to the chorus. Woke stiff as a board this morning, perhaps the fallout from going back to sleep after early morning wakings and bathroom trips. Forgotten dreams of my dorm in Heiwadai and earlier, something about Kim and Pat from the 80s.

Also had a craving for pizza, which ordered and demolished. Heat has alas not affected my appetite either.

Have become one of the nonnas of thirty years ago. I sit on my porch in the evenings, on my rollator because I dare not use the chair that was just fine a year ago, and watch the daylight fade and listen to the unidentifiable birds cheep and chirp.
Tags: dreams, health, rl_21

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