mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Read the fine print. Collagen shows its effects 'not before five months.' In five months I hope I have a new knee but obviously shall keep on with it.

Read somewhere that caramelized onions will stay good for a few days and in the freezer for longer than that. Today being the last cool day for a while, I rousted out the onions from the fridge where I'm also informed you shouldn't store them. 'Keep in a dry cool place.' There are no dry cool places in summer. The much newer onions that I kept on the kitchen table in May's more or less cool were also going soft. But anyway, I have caramelized onions now and will be quite happy to eat them in an omelet sans potato because I ate the last of those today as well. Conclude that Spanish tortilla really does require you to cook the thinly sliced potatoes with the onions to get that lovely sweet taste, not add parboiled as is my habit, because I can't slice the potatoes thin enough on my own. Not worth buying a mandolin either because I need to be off potatoes anyway.

My s-i-l has been expressing uncharacteristic wanhope. Not that I believe in Mercury retrogrades, but certainly something psychic is going round because I'm experiencing the blues as well. Nothing that a little mobility wouldn't fix, of course.
Tags: food, health

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