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The Guardian page has gone back to its former layout, DW has gone back to its former layout, the keypad has gone back to its former fonts, and Postsecret now loads on my desktop. There's no reason for any of this happening but I'm grateful it has, while resigned to it reverting to me-unftriendliness again any time without warning. (LJ however has gone to bitsy fonts.)

Have been reading a couple of books by a woman who went to Japan in 1978, married a Japanese oldest son, and set up housekeeping in the family mansion. Also reading an article on fudo, in which my former and late Japanese lit prof translates a large chunk of Ibuse's musings on pre-WW2 Tokyo. He moves to Ogikubo- or rather, in the casual fashion of the time, approaches a guy in a field and says 'Wanna sell me some land?' and the guy says Sure, and they decide the payment/ rent/ whatever (I think even in those days you only bought the use of the land for a set period of time) would be the contents of Ibuse's privy, since human manure is highly valued. At that time a trolley from Ogikubo to Shinjuku cost 2 sen and could be walked 'at a woman's pace' in two hours.' This confused me because, as I at length ascertained, I was confusing Ogikubo and Okubo in my mind.

Upshot of all this is that I dreamt I was back in Tokyo working for my old boss, who was away on a trip during which there was some problem at the office which was somehow simultaneously in Singapore, butwhen he got back I could start on my work of cataloguing a bunch of yellow-spined Ace SFF paperbacks.
Tags: dreams, japan, place, techy

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