mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Tablet's Chrome's latest Neat Trick is to show my regular webpages (Environment Canada for weather, Guardian for news) in phone format, so no more at a glance and lots of scrolling down. OTOH the less I use the tablet the happier my elbows will be, and probably neck as well. Silver linings.

Continuing my subconscious raking up of high school memories, dreamed I was in Japan at my private students' place, just returned from a trip and so a tad jet lagged. In my dream I gave their teenage son the same name as my guarantor which was, phonetically, the same name as Ardith's dog (it was actually something ending in -ya) and misnamed my travelling companion, and corrected myself- No, it's Cathy O'Neill. Other details are gone, as indeed are the real names of my students. Because I never throw anything out I found them in my 2002 daybook, but the names are written in kanji and I can only guess at them because my readings ring no memory bells. Hideo and Kumiko, I think, though the name kanji book says Hidezo or Hidenari.
Tags: dreams, japanese, techy

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