mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Waking dream of a big house party at my high school best friend's place in what purported to be Kingston, even though she lives in Prince Edward County. It was Christmas or New Year's or something and the guests were a motley mix of familiar strangers or people from 20 years ago at work. Party lasted to the early hours of the morning and I was driving home with my brother but R had gone off to her room so I went to say good-bye to her husband who couldn't talk to me because he was turning into Stephen Hawking.

Don't know if it's collagen or coincidence but joints have been much less ouchy these last days in spite of cold and rain and snow. Today is the exception, of course.

Have cleared shelves of a dozen ancient Andre Nortons. I have no idea why I kept them in them first place. (Can't remember a thing about the Witch World, but after 40 years that's hardly surprising.) Marie Kondo works a fair treat for this. My soul sank within me at the thought of rereading them, and anyway the print was too tiny to do it, so as they sparked the opposite of joy, out they went. To the boulevard, and if no one wants them, into tne recycle on Tnursday.
Tags: dreams, health, rl_21

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