mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Les lilas are still coupés but of course there were many years when the lilacs didn't bloom at all or bloomed too early or whatever. But still I've been changing all my passwords in Firefox to Pratchett-related ones just because. Except when I sign in on my phone and not my tablet and FB gets hissy and wants me to go get a new one. Then I reference something from my life in Japan.

Accomplishment was finally getting back into my trading account, which has tiresomely gone to double authentication requiring a cell phone, and if your cell phone is lost, stolen, or dropped in the toilet you're plumb out of luck. Couldn't order in the other day because it had run out of charge and was recharging while off, to hasten matters. What do the really old do these days?

Also figured out how to get my ebook back without an app. I must remember that I only started using the tablet in, oh, 2018 or so? when my router stopped picking up the signal from next door. Until then I used this beast, but eventually it's not going to work anymore. Prepare, prepare, for the day of wrath.

Will note that whatever my internet runs off of- is it this fibre optics stuff?- it mercifully keeps running through an outage, so go Ma Bell, I suppose.
Tags: pratchett, techy

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