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Argh! Ahh! Argh! Ahh!

Comes a merry timble on the door. It's my brother with a parcel. 'I signed for this for you.' 'They got the address wrong?' 'No. They saw I was at home and you weren't so they left it with me.' Err- thank you, DMP. I think.

But it does mean, ahh!, that I have my amazon.jp books a day early. Once again, how does 3-4 weeks translate into 5 days? Not that I'm complaining.

I have Tale of the Five Boxes in bunko, which is sad, but the original looked like an ordinary tank, not wide-han, so I won't eat my heart out too much. It also looks interesting, so Mr O'Brian and his detailed and incomprehensible naval terminology must rest for an evening while I read it.

(Really, how did the world react when it got that tidal wave of technical vocabulary first thrown in its face? I have no idea what's going on with those masts and stays and spars and whatevers, and no confidence that O'Brian expects me to know what's going on, and usually when people do stuff like that- as with Eco throwing great chunks of Latin into The Name of the Rose- other people object strongly. But my impression is the British reading public all clapped their hands as one man and said Oh goody!)

The other thing I got was one of the Gensou Fantasy series. paleaswater lent me volume 5, and it had one of Ima's stories in what seems the same universe as Cloud Slayer. All the Gensou Fantasy anthologies have a story of hers, and I figure that's where the 80 pages of Further Adventures in Cloudslayer Land got published after Eyes magazine folded. So I picked vol. 3 at random.

The series may be worth having for the ahh! beautiful covers alone, but also because a number of stories in both the vols I have have a Chinese setting, ahh! again. However the Ima Ichiko story in vol.3 is argh! the title story of Cloud Slayer. So unless one can see the contents of the Gensou Fantasy books there's no telling which volumes have uncollected stories. OTOH as I was flipping through vol.3, WHAM there's a familiar art style and familiar demons with familiar horns. mvrdrk, your Kirishima karma may be all yakuza and business guys, but mine, ahh!, is always demons.

And I think I must tell paleaswater about all this elsewhere, because I believe lj is still blocked where she is.
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