mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It's not as if a cumulative six hours of blackout wasn't bad enough. Tried to go to a webpage on my tablet, wp said 'your browser is out of date please update' so I updated Chrome and thereafter got the message 'Chrome keeps stopping.' Yes I know it does. So I followed instructions to disable Chrome, so I could go back to the earlier version, and that made half the apps on the tablet disappear, including the ones that I thought were Samsung apps, including the Memo one where I record my passwords in a form I can see. Always record your passwords in deadwood because devices are the devil's children.

DLed Firefox onto the thing and spent the afternoon getting a few of my bookmarks and changing passwords in Firefox. But I don't like Firefox. The solution to 'Chrome keeps stopping' is to delete caches and data in Google but Chrome keeps stopping Google before I can do it. Also Libby, the e-reader for the library. And I have a book that I must somehow return via either my ancient phone or even more ancient desktop.

Have rage-bought a new Samsung tablet which should be here by the weekend and I hope it will sync with all my cloud information to, well, get my information onto itself.

Yes, first world problems. But first world problems require gin.
Tags: techy

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