mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I don't usually check the 'wireless networks within range' thingy on my phone except when there's reason to believe mine has cut out, which it does occasionally. But the other day I looked down the list and saw a nearby one labelled Sadie, which is south ND's dog. Sweet, except that the signal strength is about 50%, while (generic Bell no.) and tinier_bird_garden are close to 80-90. Generic Bell is for sure the other half of this house, but I'm wondering who has the tinier bird garden.

ETA: oh, right. Next door is two apartments. Bird garden must be the second floor one and sadie the first floor/ basement.

Also deleted a number of networks that haven't been around for years, like all three coffee shops at Howland and Bloor: Second Cup (d.2018), Aroma (d.2019), Starbucks (decamped, the cowards, in 2020.) Also the Starbucks in the ex-bank at Christie and Dupont. Don't trust yourself to some southern mega coffee chain, except of course that the Canuck coffee chain was the first to close up, because the owner evidently thought he could make more money from a pizza joint. And pizza joint did stay open but the one time I went in, nobody came to take my order so I left after five minutes.

Took half an ativan against a 7 p.m. Pepsi and consequently slept sweetly and well, but with my contact lens still in. Eye itches in consequence.

Did a fast cruise of Eurovision entries which demonstrates that I am too old for Eurovision. Oh the noise noise noise noise. Does no one do harmonious anymore?
Tags: music, place, rl_21

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