mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Rummaging through the ever unsatisfactory summer trousers. There's a short-crop linen pair I forgot I had, possibly because they were too tight last year. They're still not loose 5 kilos later, which is a nuisance. Neither are the scrubs and thin blouson pants bought 10 kilos ago. Never believe dollar store labels. That's not an XL even by Indian standards. So I have in essence still only one pair of reliable hot weather pants, suitable for sweating into.

Getting up at 9:15 instead of going back to sleep makes for a long, if productive, day. Laundry and dishes and bundling magazines for recycle tomorrow, and a chicken slow cooked in the crockpot, and two sessions with the bike because I want to lose another two kilos so my summer pants will fit when summer comes. Since I'm hoping the 30C of the next three days will prove a blip.


Vo, The Empress of Salt and Fortune
-- very nicely done but wish I had it in paper. Wish also I had the sequel again but there's a line up for it at the library. Maybe when stores reopen, whenever that is.

Minekura, Saiyuki Reload Blast 1&2
-- May 18 '08 was when I read Kenen's death and May 18 '21 was when I read Dokugakuji's. This would be easier if there were more stories, but it seems that one episode in 2019, first in 2.5 years, was the last installment.

Reading now?

Perennially A Radical Act, occasionally interrupted by a few pages of guanxi. I really should give that one up: I don't think I'm learning anything from it and it's sooo academic.


I have a Joan Aiken ebook which might do but I'm really tempted to read Hobbes' Leviathan out of sheer orneriness.
Tags: reading_21, rl_21, saiyuki

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