mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Heat for the next week so the heaviest of the wool socks go into the drawers and half the cotton ankle socks come out. Maybe half the long sleeved waffle shirts can go away too, and maybe one of the real summer pants can come out. It's not even really hot yet-- low 20s/ mid-70s-- but this is me in Toronto when anything over 20 registers as too warm. My side room now feels stuffy but I resist opening the window because keeping it closed last year actually felt cooler. Maybe I just need the fan on.

Lilacs all around the neighbourhood are in full bloom. A pity that I bicycle with a mask on, for convenience's sake, so only get the vaguest whiff of them. Biked to the super for the first time... this year, possibly, and found that oddly my rollator is easier to shop with than a shopping cart. Or maybe today was just an unusually stiff day, which is a chiz because heat is supposed to loosen me up. Am reminded that yes last year it hurt to walk the bike and yes last year it hurt to walk inside stores without support and no I really haven't gotten appreciably worse, it's just memory being selective.

Finished Saiyuki Reload Blast 1. Makes me think that maybe that story might be true, that Murakami writes his first drafts in English and then translates into Japanese, because I never had to look up this many compounds when reading Kafuka. Would like to say that eight months of kanji review has had an effect on my reading ability but that would be lying. Once again, kanji I can write from memory still elude me when met in the wild. Honestly, these people who get their Ph.ds at 85 and 90 must be outliers because my memory is completely shot.
Tags: health, rl_21, saiyuki

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