mjj (flemmings) wrote,

And the sweet smell of barbeque gasoline

Maybe it's just been the chronic grey weather or maybe the leaves on the cherry tree really did unfurl suddenly today, but this morning for the first time there were shadows on the back garden path as the branches waved in the 'gusts to 40 kpm' breezes. And while I know Prof Islamic Studies has barbecued on his back porch even when the temps were under 10C, because I could smell the meat cooking, today the neighbourhood was suffused by the smell of charcoal and charcoal starter. Could be someone else on the block, of course (see: wind gusts, above.) But spring is now definitely here.

I wasn't actually planning to celebrate my various May 12 anniversaries but spring, enh, so I ordered in sushi. Am not having luck with my delivery people this week. Yesterday was a grocery delivery, and the cheerful Voila guys have been known to park their vans eight doors up the street to lug their heavy loads all the way down to my place. There's a hydrant right across the street from me which makes the default 'two wheels on the curb' manoeuvre dicey, so I always tip heavily. Yesterday's guy just stops his van in the middle of the street, forcing the cars behind him to go over the curb, and then sits looking at his phone for five minutes before even getting out of the truck. I was going to tip him a twenty, but cut that in half after the first three minutes of 'looking at my phone screw you.'

Today's driver was confimed on his way to the restaurant but after fifteen minutes the restaurant called to say he hadn't arrived and very sorry and they'd call him again to see what had happened, and didn't say O-matase itasimasita only because they're Korean, but that's what they meant. Anyway, he did show up at my place fifteen minutes later, and I did give him the full tip because who knows what happened on the streets of Toronto? Bathurst will notoriously turn into a parking lot at the drop of a hat, asshole Trawntonian drivers *will* enter the intersections and block them while the light changes three times (oh I so do not miss my commute) and he had to cross Bathurst.
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