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Yesterday after Monday's acupuncture was a complate washout. Kept waking all Monday night with knee pain, which is why I remember having that recurring dream of killing someone for no reason whatsoever, only in this case I purposely travelled to their home town to do it. Then the keener buyer company from Japan saw fit to text me at 8 a.m. to say Hey guess what your book is on its way!! and wanna click links so you don't have to sign for it? Of course they also sent me three emails to the same effect, which is kind of overdoing things. But if their projections are correct, Saiyuki RB 3 will be here next Monday, which is certainly efficient. And by way of indicating that maybe Japan is opening up, vol.1 came from honto.jp in a mere six weeks, which is better than the three months they were running last autumn.

And I hurt all day in every joint and managed my exercises and kanji by the skin of my teeth. Today I'm fine, for current values of fine. Might even make it to the laundromat.

But have figured out why I'm so reluctant to shower in the evenings. By the time I'm ready for bed, the 5 p.m. meds have worn off but I don't like taking them at night when I don't have to move. So removing knee braces and then getting them back on is, literally, a pain and half the time I don't. So yeah. Shower in the morning after breakfast, though I never used to understand why people did that.

Reading is a bust this year. Not at all like last year's steady march through the bookshelves. Possibly because I have two hours less during the day but mostly I think because futility is getting to me. And a bit because nothing on the go really grabs me. The French Revolution is generally up there with reading about the Khmer Rouge in the 'I would prefer not' department. The methods were certainly similar. But equally, I finished The House on Vesper Sands, which should have been quite to my tastes- Victorian London, mysterious doings, murder mystery- and, well. Fine as far as it went but ultimately left me cold. Maybe I need to read something Japanese for a complete change of pace
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