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There are three kanji that essentially mean 'child' or 'infant' and because I constantly confuse them I made a note of them on the little papers where I write confusible kanji, like all the verbs for break smash crush destroy etc. Then in my review of the earliest kanji I come across a fourth one meaning child, and instantly try to write the other three just to be sure of them. In spite of reviewing them dozens of times since the fall, can only remember two. Go to check my papers and of course that's the one that's missing. Try various compounds hoping to turn up the forgotten kanji but no joy. Try English-Japanese online dictionaries with the same lack of success. Drive myself bananas for two days leafing through Essential Kanji, hoping it will leap out at me, and eventually give up. Am idly writing compounds today and realize that I did remember the third kanji- remembeted it yesterday in fact- but at the time I'd forgotten the second one.

Occasionally I wonder why I spend half an hour a day memorizing how to write kanji. It's not like I expect it to have any practical use. It's something to do, I suppose, in that I feel marginally less futile when I do it than when I don't. Like the leg strengthening exercises which, far as I can see, have no effect whatsoever on my leg strength and ability to walk. For a bit there my lower back seemed to be better but now it's in spasm again. Otherwise I'd be writing kani for an hour a day and resent the fact that I can't.

But I did figure out why my bank kept rejecting my password when I used the tablet. Hold a vowel too long and the tablet will automatically give it an accent. e becomes è. This wouldn't happen if webpages actually let you see your password when you type but no, it's there and gone because they assume everyone is touch-typing and watching the screen rather than pressing keys with a stylus like me.
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