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I knew there was a reason to hate honto.jp's foreign buyer intermediary. There's a $10 service and handling fee before we even get to the shipping costs. I understand honto's impatience with the idiocies of shipping overseas in the present climate, but must grin and bear it. The only alternative is amazon which is no alternative at all.

My aged phone was refusing to take pictures or delete files, citing 'network error.' I assumed it was something to do with my provider being down in parts of the neighbourhood, as reported in the local FB page, though Rogers denies it. But finally googled about and was told to delete data in Google itself, which did, and suddenly I had the memory necessary to do stuff. These minor technological triumphs do resign me to living in a technological age. Now I wonder if I have my data roaming back...

The gov't gives a disability tax credit and my tax returns used to come back with 'you qualify for disability credits' attached, which I ignored because the old age top up is usually enough for me and disability sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare. It's tied to income and either I didn't make enough this year or didn't spend enough on acupuncture and massage this year or both, because my return didn't mention it. But there's a middleman service that was touting itself in FB- I assume they file for you and take a cut- and hundreds of people were asking if they qualified. And the horror stories of people who'd had three or four knee replacements, none of which worked, or developed blood clots and had their leg amputated, or couldn't walk any more with their new knees, all had me wibbling. I wish I could belive the failed operations were in people who were morbidly obese but I wouldn't bet on it. The failed ops I've run into were women who were overweight, yes, but not excessively so: and putting a replacement in backwards (-_-) or acquiring a flesh-eating disease is not related to weight. The urgeon I was going to have has now retired and what I get is luck of the draw. However there's probably a couple of months still until hospitals open up again. I might manage another ten pounds.
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