mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Never mind pistachios. The real food of the affluent is fava beans. You buy them in the pod, which you can't eat, and they weigh a ton even if there's only two or three beans to a pod, and then you have to take off the outer casing. What you're left with is amazing, I agree, but hardly $12 per serving amazing.

Weird thing last night. I play online solitaire obsessively and I can only play on one website- Greenfelt- because everyone else has bitsy cards or weird card faces or or advertisements or you have to drop and drag your cards which is tedious. But last night the royal cards had no faces. Suits were marked, but no queens or kings or jacks. You can, just, play Yukon Solitaire with faceless royals but not Addiction, my aptly named game of choice. Facing a future without solitaire had me in a tizzy until at length the card faces came back. But yeah, I discover my weak spot.
Tags: food, rl_21

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