mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cherry blossoms start to scatter in yesterday's gentle breezes and today's rain. No hanafubuki, just two or three petals at a time drifting down to spot the bunker roof. Two doors down's cherries are still clumped on the branches that have spread out to hang over the yards on either side, illuminated by TDD's fairy lights. It's probably them that I'm smelling, the rather disappointing scent of sakura, not thrillingly sweet like plums or perfumed like lilacs, of which I currently have neither.

But today was definitely the achiest day so far. Broke open the gin, which helped, and cabbed it to acupuncture because the forecast said rain, which was duly falling when I got out. And will go on falling for another two days, evidently.
Tags: health, rl_21

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