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Why do I have an air purifier in my bedroom? For white noise, I assume, and nothing else. I know I turned the mattress and therefore swept under the bed only a few months ago, so why were there dust mastodons lurking there today? The air purifier for sure isn't cleaning the air, though I grant that even with dust mastodons inches from my head, I don't sneeze in the bedroom, whereas I certainly do in the sideroom. But now I sense the system's reaction to sweeping up dust. Thus two sinutabs and a shower are in the works.

This is my 'even though it hurts to move you still have to clean' regime. It's possible that everything has worsened since last year, as certainly everything worsened between 2019 and 2020. But working every day, as I did until March '20, may have kept me more limber than not working at all, so we shall see if moving more makes moving easier now.
Tags: health, rl_21

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