mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Given how generally cold it's been, it's surprising that the cherry tree blossomed earlier than it has in almost a decade, and the blossoms are ready to scatter before it's even May. A few petals have drifted onto my roof, and a lot more from next-next-door are covering next-door's well-tilled back yard. I'd expected the gale winds today to hve stripped the branches but the sakura are hanging on for at least another day.

My morning lie-in got me a comprehensible plotty dream about Chinese gangsters, very much in the vein of Japanese yakuza, with loyalties to the boss and subsequently the boss's son and henchmen dying nobly to protect same. Details vanish on waking so no guarantee it made as much sense as it seemed to while I was dreaming it but it left me with a post-movie taste in the brain.
Tags: dreams, rl_21

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