mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Dreamed of being on the subway again, getting on at the wrong entrance at Spadina (there is no wrong entrance in reality because both lead to the platform, but in my dream half the platform was walled off from the other half) and once again coming above ground in Paris. Was travelling with K-chan and staying with friends of hers, a couple who owed at least half their make-up to Kushner and Sherman. And one of them was utterly delighted because now she had someone to play chess with- me- and I didn't want to play chess and didn't know how but I had to anyway, in order to get my purse back (I don't own any purses) which had been suspended from hooks in the celing, along with my coat. And that last bit is from The Colour of Magic, the hooks in the ceiling in the Pern-spoof section, though what it's spoofing I have no idea because I never read Pern.

Because The Woman in White is much more readable than an anthropological analysis of guanxi, I read TWIW while bicycling, and came across this puzzling description of Marion Halcombe's new house:

"My two rooms, and all the good bedooms beside, are on the first floor, and the basement contains a drawing-room, a dining room, a morning- room, a library, and a pretty little boudoir for Laura..."

OK, I know the English convention of 'first floor is what we call second floor' but this sounds like all the rooms that we expect to find on the ground floor are somehow underground. Did basement mean something different in 1850-whatever?
Tags: dreams, place, pratchett

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