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Latest self-torture is going to all the cake places advertised on FB and not ordering lemon madeleines or strawberry shortcake or hazelnut torte.

Complicated dream last night, or rather this morning after predawn bathroom trip, of being on the Tokyo subway at night, but the trains didn't come for a long time and when they did they were empty and the darkened stations had no names and I couldn't find a conductor to tell me where I was and then we came above ground into the grey day and it was the Paris subway that finally let me off somewhere near the Eiffel Tower where my dorm was. And as I was dozing in bed there the cleaner came into my room even though I had the Do Not Disturb sign up so I had to get up and get dressed and suddenly my dorm room was my bedroom at the family house and I was pulling identical red velour costumes out of what I vaguely remember as my sock drawer.


Waggoner, The Ruthless Lady's Guide to Wizardry
-- I do like Waggoner's universe, a generally genial place with happy ever afters, also civilized trolls who set the fashion for humans and plenty of official ways to create found families.

Savit, The Way Back
-- blurbs liken him to Pullman and Gaiman. I cannot be having with Pullman under any circumstances, and Gaiman is hit and miss for me, is possibly why this left me no-there-there-ing. I appreciate the Jewish centredness, which we could use more of, but I was maybe expecting more of a Hasidic ethos to it, as one does when wonder-working rabbis are involved. But in the event it felt more Pullman than Buber, with a certain coldness in the approach.

Gaiman, Stardust
-- hit or miss. I remembered nothing of this from my first read seven years ago, and such is Gaiman's 'see me not' quality that I remembered little of the beginning by the time I got to the end.

Reading now?

Besides the perpetual tomes, which go slowly, two library ebooks that need finishing:

Pratchett, The Colour of Magic
-- still wan this in dead tree because I've forgotten what happened in the first half before I had to sen it back (other ebooks to finish with even more people waiting)

Gooden, The Pale Companion
-- Elizabethan murder mystery series, a player in the Lord Chamberlain's Men.

Up next?

A Radical Act of Free Magic
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