mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I have a falling-apart copy of The Bull From the Sea down in the dining room, which I leafed through as I was bicycling today. I'd half-expected the Suck Fairy to have got at it, and of course she had. What a git Theseus is. I suppose I should admire Renault for presenting him in all his gittishness, but he makes for revolting reading now. That's me for a shower then.

It's supposed to snow tonight, which is not unheard of in April. The cherry blossoms are half-out on my tree. I trust they will survive, as they survived the snow last May. Meanwhile I hurt all day which is getting to be par for the course with me. But April is an achy month even without snow, so maybe I'll feel better next month.
Tags: health, reading_21

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