mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Suddenly the night has grown colder

Hard to say if I had any side effects of the shot aside from the indubitably sore arm. Fuzz in the aftermath could as easily have been caused by afternoon nap, mild intestinal protests are a common stress reaction, mild headache goes with newly revived allergies, and I actually hurt less Friday morning than I did pre-shot Thursday. Certainly no chills or nausea, which were the two things I very much wanted to avoid, and no pain in previously broken bones either. So I count my blessings, and the general feeling of offness that I've had for the last three days... well, could be seasonal ennui, or if it's jab-related, will be gone tomorrow.

But FB suggests people to friend and one of them is the Mighty Helen's younger sister. I go look at her page and someone has posted a film clip from, by the looks of it, 2005. Copper-nob S and a four year old Helen singing happy birthday to a friend in English and French and a scatalogical version from the four year old in the company and oh gee gosh I remember them at that age why do kids grow up? S turned 18 yesterday. It seems all wrong that 2003 was only eighteen years ago and then it seems all wrong that eighteen years registers as 'only' and not 'several lifetimes'. For sure, 1985 to 2003 was several lifetimes for me. The telescoping time sense is one of the less pleasant aspects of aging. Ten years doesn't last as long as it did when I was thirty-five or even forty-five.

In minor annoyances, my online Japanese bookstore will no longer ship abroad but uses an intermediary company. Intermediary is in English but it's still a two-step operation and clunky. (I don't have a handle on what's going on with the Japanese PO but I seem to recall that they stopped shipping to NAmerica completely.) And they cancelled my order for Reload Blast 3 because apparently it's out of stock and not expected to be in. Amazon.jp has the three volume set for big bucks and Hurry while supplies last only two sets remaining! butamazon.jp is even more of an evil empire than the homegrown version. (And money sink: exorbitant shipping costs plus exorbitant paperwork at border fees plus Canada Customs stops all Fedex parcels and charges duty on them. Very not worth it.)
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