mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yes well, if you will indulge in a delicious lie-in of a morning so that you don't get to your email until 11:15, you miss the message from the Happy Pig people from whom you ordered expensive (but happy!) pig and chicken the night before, saying 'if you want to update your order with say our organic asparagus pls do so before orders go out at 11:30.' Yes theoretically I still had 15 minutes but it was too last minute entitled for my conscience so asparagus will have to wait until Sunday afternoon's grocery order comes.

Meanwhile I have far more ham than I know what to do with, so I carved up and froze about two thirds of it. There will be many Savoy omelettes once the swiss cheese comes too. No, this is not how one loses weight. If I could figure out what the food processor blade and bowl in the cupboard attaches to, I could have ham salad. (I do not own a food processor. Blender, yes.)

Can't say that recipe for Yorkshire pudding works all that well. Used clarified butter in the cups, as instructed, but not a patch on drippings, or even a Dutch baby made with a buttered cast iron pan. So made a Dutch baby using my tried and true recipe and it didn't rise at all. That's me for white flour then, for the foreseeable future.

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