mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wracked up my left elbow. Have had it in a tensor bandage all day. Thus am not going out with the rollator even if there was somewhere to go to, like the super. I want some more asparagus but we're in erev my least favourite holiday(s) of the year. Everyone will be out shopping today because they can't tomorrow, and everyone will be out shopping Saturday because they can't on Sunday. The green grocers take no notice of statutory holidays but the Manning one certainly and the Palmerston one probably are too narrow to accommodate a walker, and the Markham one is much too far. Could bike it if the winds allow but am having trouble walking unaided. This is a pain. I suppose it's breaking me in to the idea of a replacement, whenever that happens, because we're back into strict lockdown again for the next month.

Decided to make Yorkshire pudding because it turns out that I do have muffin tins. Decided to try that method of 'let sit overnight covered in fridge, bring to room temperature next day, bake.' Mixed ingredients, put foil over bowl, took bowl to fridge, elbow spasmed, bowl fell out of hands, half of mixture splattered onto washed-yesterday floor, also shirt, pants and socks. I may have enough left for three muffin puddings and my floor has been washed anew. Of course I shouldn't be eating white flour in the first place because in spite of increasing bike time my weight sits unbudgingly five pounds/ two kilos+ over where it was in December. It's either cut out the gin, which I don't want to because I hurt dammit, or cut out the peanuts which I don't want to because they're my treat food. However. I have at least seven weeks before any surgery can happen, so...

I started nightly showering again and discovered that, oddly, washing makes me smell. I knew this before but hadn't realized that not washing doesn't make me smell. Maybe it's the carbolic soap I use, and maybe plain water would work better. Or maybe I'm just washing away good bacteria and need to leave my underarms alone.

Should note that March was a long month as months go these days. This is down to having electricians and plumbers in, and going out for three dental appointments, which is much more human contact than I've had any time this past year.
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