mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Rollatored to the supermarket today. Knees were not happy at all, neither were elbows. I suppose I should be grateful that my back at least was OK with it since it wasn't for a long time: or earlier this week, come to that. I do wonder how much exercise I have to do to make a difference. Months and months, evidently. And possibly things have just deteriorated past the point where strengthen and stretch can make a difference. Gloom gloom gloom.

However I did finish Plutarch and am partway through The Colour of Magic on my tablet, since I've never read it. Fine as far as it goes but there's so much better to come. Like Interesting Times, which it appears is what I thought The Last Continent was. Those one-time Pratchetts were all read a baker's dozen of years ago, when things were so much better than they are today.
Tags: health, pratchett, reading_21

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