mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No idea what ails my system today except that antibiotics will occasionally Do That, especially new antibiotics, especially if I indulge in iffy food like cabbage and olives the day before. The achey pains however have been going on since at least the weekend and were at their most ferocious today. Hip flexors or something gone into spasm and refusing to be acupunctured into docility. Oh to be able to soak in a nice hot bath again.

It occurs to me that one reason why I have trouble getting my leg over the bike bars is that I've shrunk in the last fifteen years and the frame is now too big for me. Certainly I could stand to have the seat lowered half an inch, and when I have time I'll go get Dave Fix My Bike to do that very thing. Age: sucks.
Tags: rl_21

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