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Went to get my laundry last night and discovered that electrician had left his lamp hanging off a hook in the not-ceiling of the basement. Emailed his boss and said I'd leave door on latch for him to get in, to avoid having to limp downstairs answering doorbells when I've just woken up and can barely stand. 'It's a safe neighbourhood,' I said. Woke 9ish, did exercises and stretching, downstairs for breakfast at 10, check email while eating my oatmeal. 'Thanks for telling me,' says boss, 'I'll send him over at 8.' Blink blink. Either my air purifier or my muscle relaxants ensured I didn't notice a thing, though electrician passing through might explain why my backpack had fallen to the floor. But that backpack is badly balanced and quite capable of falling down all by itself,

Was supposed to have a root canal today but no, he needed more time and also wanted me started on antibiotics, so it's tomorrow. Which is a pain because it's a different location, way downtown, and I hurt rather a lot today. Used the walker to negotiate the office building and my but people do give you extra service when you do that. But then I had to get the antibiotic scrip filled, and walk home from the drugstore, and so I hurt even more. Maybe I'll indulge in another half ativan...


The Last Continent
-- the UU guys are really not as funny to a Canuck as they are to a Brit. Though god knows, in my day we had wall-to-wall Brit staff in the Classics dep't (I'd say Oxbridge but the medieval Latin guy was Irish from a red-brick place) and Pratchett's breed is not unknown to me. Is maybe why I don't find them funny.

Reading now?

Reaper Man
-- still more academics, even in a Death book. Witches would be better

Plutarch, On love, the family, and the good life
-- to have it read. Usually I like Plutarch who's nicely mundane, but right now he's talking about the Flatterers, a breed that must have died out, because for sure I don't know anybody who carefully studies other people's tastes in order to ingratiate himself in their good graces. Maybe you have to be rich... but frankly, the modern ethos of Me First militates against any kind of Me Second thinking.


Not a clue, though I think I never did read Pratchett's first two. Don't even think I own them.
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