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My dentist knows not to call me in the morning; my broker does not. So I was pulled from sleep at rather too early this a.m., fighting an inert duvet and blanket that had seemingly acquired Jupiterean levels of gravity to get at the phone, in order to hear that they were sending me an email to e-sign involving the percentage of assets to be kept in I forget what account. I mean, it's OK. My investment advisor has kept me afloat through more market crashes than I can count, so I won't begrudge them a 9:15 call. But oh yawn it has left me sleepy before 9 p.m.

Wild weather, wind gusts to 80 clicks ie 50 mph. Had the disconcerting experience of nearly being knocked over by same as I left acupuncture. This simply Does. Not. Happen. Or never happened when I weighed 200 pounds. I'm not sure if it's the 10 kg loss that did it, or legs just not being sturdy anymore, but I don't care for it. Fortunately a nice young guy with his nice young dog was waiting nearby and gave me a steadying arm to my cab.

Bro came by yesterday to pick up the mail which the gov't still insists on sending to his old address and to deliver a case of mini-Pepsi when I'd expected only a six pack. Hearing of my woes with the post office, he also gave me the six pack of stamps that he was of course carrying in his wallet, because my brother is Like That. I was at least able to give him my Swiss Army allen keys thingy to save him looking through a dozen boxes in the basement to find his own.

I'd also ordered a liquor delivery for yesterday afternoon, but forgot that that delivery service, though excellent, has this tic: change your order at all and they'll bump you back to an earlier delivery time. So I said 2-5 but when I added a bottle of wine, they changed it to 11-2. Thus scarcely was I awake, at noon, than my phone pinged to say my order had been delivered. I limped downstairs because I'd wanted to tip the delivery person, but there was nothing on the porch. So I was composing a reply to say No it's not when the doorbell rang. And that was the delivery woman, who didn't wait for me to get to the door before leaving. So I was composing an email to ask how I could tip retroactively when my phone rang again. Delivery person had forgotten the sweet vermouth, said she'd be back in an hour. Good, said I, and please wait because I want to tip you. So she did and I did and all was settled, but that was the sum of my exciting Sunday.
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