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Dentist appointment today, in spite of flailing through snowdrifts to get to cabs, at least got me a good half hour of conversation with the hygienist about European travel and languages and whatnot. Also alas got me a referral to a very pricey specialist for a root canal on the troublesome back molar. 'The root's dead which means it's decaying and giving off gases that will cause you more pain nado nado,' so OK yes I suppose I must. Was hoping it would just calm down and stay calmed.

What bugs me most about my knee is that it can never decide what kind of brace it wants. I'll be going along happily with a sleeve brace and then all of a sudden it's Noooo don't cover me up Imma twinge at you with every step if you cover me up!! So I go for the open brace and it's Noooo not that brace I want the *other* brace the one that supports the IT band Imma twinge at you with every step if you don't support my IT band!! And sometimes it's just Imma twinge at you with every step no matter what you do. Especially when snow is in the offing.


Cohn, The Pursuit of the Millennium
-- thank god

Phelps, Belles Saisons: a Colette Scrapbook
-- I know not all Frenchwomen are Colette but like her, all the Frenchwomen I know are provided with as much amour as they can handle. The single woman is hard to find over there. This argues the presence of willing partners ie other people who need to be in relationships, which again I have not found to be the case over here. I couldn't handle it now but I think I could have when I was younger if I'd had a plethora of partners to choose from instead of the unwilling and the uninterested and the frankly dull as ditchwater.

Reading now?

Montaigne, desultorily

Okorafor, Ikenga
-- turns out I can so too read on the tablet if it's YA. Fun and fast.

Next up?

Hm. Probably another deadly non-fic doorstopper until my various ebook holds come in. Can't think what would be fun.
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