mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I think it may be close to two years since I've had an eye exam, and I suspect my prescription has changed because all of a sudden my reading glasses, all of them, aren't clear enough. The next strength up is still too strong to use for any length of time. Of course, it may just be that my cheapo reading glasses have all become permanently dirty, or that lens cleaner doesn't work on them and I need to wash them with hot water and detergent.

To show willing, I swept the inch or so of snow from my walkway and sidewalk last night, and this morning my snowblower neighbour had removed the other 3 inches that fell overnight. Wish I knew for certain which neighbour it was so I could thank them properly, because it might equally be south or south-south and I can't tell which.

I really think I'm becoming feral. I'm reluctant to shower because of the leaking tap, and I'm reluctant to call the plumber, even the guaranteed friendly plumber who called my attention to the problem of calcified taps on a group WP (the problem could have been going on for years without my noticing it, and probably was) because, well, because I have to talk to someone! on the telephone!! and what if he can't fix it, what if it all has to be redone, what if what if. In person contact with sane human beings can be counted on to damp these spirals before they start, but in person contact is what I don't have right now, drattit.

However, to avoid having a plumber emergency, I limped down to the basement and, with a hammer because someone had turned the taps to a male definition of 'closed', managed to open the cold water one enough to allow a trickle out into the sink, thus hopefully avoiding frozen pipes in the -16C temps tonight. Warmer in the next few days, luckily.
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