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The snowfall this last fortnight hasn't been much- barely an inch at most. This is set to change tonight when we're told to expect 10-15 cm of the stuff (4-6 inches). Luckily my dentist appointment is Wednesday, not tomorrow, and today the sidewalks were bare. Whch let me walk the scant 30 feet from my acupuncturist's to the magazine store with the ATM so I could get more cash for cabs, since cabs are clearly on the menu for the foreseeable future. And because I think it churlish to only use people's ATMs I cast about for something to buy under $10- which lets out things like Harper's and the Atlantic that can push $20 once you add taxes. Thus I got Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine for March-April, whose cover story is John Watson investigating a giant cat on the moors. It makes for more entertaining bicycle reading than the New Yorker's exposés, certainly.

It takes Other People's DWs to inform me that Lent starts Wednesday and that tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. And now I want pancakes, which I mustn't have (white flour, butter, maple syrup.) Or rather, I want crêpes, or rather I want Japanese crêpes, dry and light, with ham and gruyère filling. My own crêpes are always flabby, as well as giving me indigestion. And because I indulged in pizza on the weekend I have to be abstemious now. The province is opening up in the face of falling numbers and the city's lockdown lifts next week, meaning the hospitals can restart elective surgeries, meaning I should expect a call sometime this month or next, just as they said last November, meaning I want my weight back down to at least November's. Of course the experts are warning about a third wave in April, given people being ijjits in general and vaccinations not starting until spring because both federal and provincial politicians dropped the ball, but oh well. God disposes.
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