mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bed at 1 and waking at 11:45 after unbroken sleep is undoubtedly one way of getting through these undifferentiated days. Have been sedentary for most of the rest of it because did not feel like moving. Should note that I'm generally in better shape than last summer: no longer have the sharp pains when I first get out of bed in the morning that always made me not want to get out of bed. But sharp pains do occasionally develop later and so they did today.

Indulged in a package of sausages Friday, and had two today. Sausages are never quite as good as I think they will be, is one reason I rarely indulge in them. Also the supposed mashing potatoes from Friday's order don't really mash very well so I can't have my desired bangers and mash. Might have sossidge and egg tomorrow and that's it for pork products until I get back to my December weight. A pity, because the cold midwinter wants lots of lovely fat to keep it warm.
Tags: food, health

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