mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The wind is up and so my house is cold. Was going to take the rollator shopping today because I'm almost out of tonic water but... the wind is up and it's cold outside. Also the back molar got inflamed yesterday so I took a tylenol2 for it and my insides are telling me how very much they don't like codeine any more. My tiny boots arrived from Wherever and they fit (left as always tighter than the right) and while they're lighter than my clodhopping boots they're still pretty clodhopper, so I don't know how well I can walk in them. Maybe tomorrow, which will be above freezing, though the sidewalks will be an obstacle course of wheelie bins.

Have finished nothing. The selection of Kipling stories is pretty much OK but the last third of the book is poems and the poems include the cringeworthy ones like Fuzzywuzzy and Gunga Din and The Ladies and *of course* The White Man's Burden. And the others are very much For god's sake stop writing dialect please please please.

Got through Montaigne on education and am almost through On Friendship, feeling a little sorry that the man never registered that no, actually, he was in love, and friendship as he conceived it Isn't Like That.

As for The Pursuit of the Millennium, it boils down to 'all millennial leaders were Donald Trump and all millennial followers were Republicans'. I'm sure there are Republicans who'd rather be burnt at the stake than recant and admit the election was fair.
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