mjj (flemmings) wrote,

She was a daaay trader/ one way ticket yeah

Since the redditors have focussed their attention on silver stocks, driving them to unseen heights, I thought I should unload some of my lame duck holdings while the unloading was good. So I go to my investorline and tick boxes, only to be told that the stock abbreviation, the one the page provides, cannot be found. I re-enter the name, which the page consents to accept, then refill in all the boxes which it has emptied, click submit, and am told that my password, duly supplied by Chrome and used by me three weeks ago, is invalid. Tear the book pile apart looking for the piece of paper on which I noted my password, find it, enter password manually, am told it's invalid. Go through the 'forgot your password' shenanigans, get new password, enter password, tell chrome to save it, enter stock abbreviation provided, am told it can't be found. Enter manually, refill all boxes, click on submit, am told my password is invalid. I think I went through this three times, changing log ins and passwords, before I was finally permitted to sell my stocks. This game is not for the weak of heart.
Tags: rl_21

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