mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Perfect happiness when I was 17 was a new Alan Garner and a bag of soft-centre chocolates in my coat pocket. Perfect happiness almost 40 years later is having enough money to buy the new Diane Wynne Jones in hard cover and the newest Kazuo Ishiguro (even if what I was looking for was The White Darkness) and then to come home and- not read them, in fact, but instead to dismantle the toppling stack of Gangans and ZeroSums and WARDs and put various episodes into files where I have them at need. All my Gaiden eps in order in the clear file book someone has finally thought of importing from Japan. Ah, such happiness.

Also to discover I *can't* dismantle ZeroSum because there are too many series that look too interesting. I shall build a wall with them instead.

ETA: to add to my happiness, sort of, this. The PO is a horse's tuchus, as ever, but the union makes us strong.
Tags: dwj, manga, reading_06, rl_06

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