mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Snowy day. Slept to noon. Only got up because leg hurt in bed. Then finally went out and shovelled my walk, bicycled 30 minutes, studied kanji, made fish and cabbage for dinner, washed all the dishes, and did another 20 minutes of bike to offset the medicinal g&ts of the last few days. One might as well be in a healthy routine than a loose- ended one.

Transpires that south NND has a snowblower, is how she manages to clear four frontages' worth of sidewalk to the edge. She did not, however, clear the extra two inches from my walk, that fell between our respective clearings, so I'll have to do it again tomorrow. The city is supposed to do it for me but has signally failed to show up this winter. Of course, neither has snow, by and large, but sill.
Tags: rl_21

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