mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Now we can go to sleep, say Dippey-dopey

I must have been channeling zeitgeist, because I was awake at 7 a.m., irrevocably dry-eyed awake a mere six hours after going to bed. To bed, note, not to sleep, because it takes me 45 minutes to fall asleep. So I did double the usual number of exercises and had breakfast at a normal hour. And the day's Event passed off without fuss. I'm not used to living in Normal any more. It feels most peculiar. And of course, it's only superficially normal. Abnormal is still around, still screaming that their führer wuz robbed. But for now, some things are getting yanked back on track.


Raverat, Period Piece
-- growing up in Cambridge in the 1890s. And whatever was happening in the haute and demi monde, Raverat (née Darwin) makes it clear to me that the middle classes were still bound by a stifling puritanism. Maybe not the Darwin sons, per se, but their wives, yes indeed.

Basho, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, and other travel sketches
-- now must go look at another translation to see what his poems really say, because Yuasa's four line expansions really annoy me.

Reading now?

Coupla doorstoppers as a months-long reading project

Montaigne, Essays, and Cohn, The Pursuit of the Millennium

Sacks, Hallucinations
-- because an acrostic I did was an excerpt in which he once saw the colour indigo in the Egyptian collection at the Met as a result of hearing Monteverdi there, but never saw it again. Sacks is an easy author: goes down easily, even on a tablet

Kipling, A Selection of His Stories and Poems
-- vol 2, bought 2nd hand years back. I've probably read at least half of these before but he's good dipping reading. Though not nearly as easy as Sacks.


I think I have enough to be going on with.
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