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My clean life resolution lasted about two days. It's obvious I'm not going to survive this winter without gin, because the acupuncture, muscle relaxants, anti-inflams, stretching and heat packs aren't even touching the knee pain. Oh, and we're under strict lockdown again, ho hum, as announced by a presidential (sic) alert at 10 a.m. this morning. What president are they talking about, I want to know? But this is nothing like last spring's lockdown: daycare still open, health services ie acupuncture still operational, etc etc. So far no big deal. Of course they should have done this two months ago when cases went over the 1000 mark, but oh no, bad for business, so now our cases are well over 3000. ACAC = all conservatives are cowards.


Last finished?

Siegal, Love, Medicine and Miracles
-- not exactly woo-woo, so am hoping visualisation actually helps arthritis because for sure nothing else does

Reading now?

Everything I was reading before: The Burning Page, Oku no Hosomichi, Jaoanese textbook. Also Gewn Raverat's Period Piece, available on gutenberg, not the best interface but better than nothing. These Edwardian ladies, as described by Raverat, are so much like their Heian counterparts. Raverat's aunt never made a cup of tea in her life, or mailed a letter, or went anywhere without at least her maid in tow. Actually, the court ladies did at least do things for the empress, putting them one up on the Edwardians. But no wonder Waley's Genji reads so stuffed parlour/ ring for the maid/ sit around all day and die of boredom.


Dunno. I think I might be in the mood for some Oliver Sacks.
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