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Waga mi hitotsu wa/ moto no mi ni shite

My doctor, my accountant, and now my dentist have retired. Actually the last was no surprise, since she's been cutting back on her hours for a year or so now. But ah, these professionals who retire in their 50s... Mind, especially with doctors, after that gruelling training and those gruelling work hours they're entitled to a decade or two of enjoying life.

Otherwise, my co-worker had her baby, so that's good, but also had a Caesarean (8 pounds and change boy, and she a small woman) which is not so wonderful in these pandemic times. Now is when you want Grandma around and Grandma can't come. Also got out to the super, first time in weeks, which was heartening. Georgia went blue, contrary to my Eeyore expectations, and if the Deplorables were allowed to disrupt the electoral count, twitter locked the Arch-Deplorable's account, finally. Not a bad day at all.

Last finished?

Nothing at all. I seem to have reverted tothe ambivalent joys of Addiction Solitaire.

Reading now?

A million things. Still with The Burning Page and A Girl with Tangled Hair and yes by gum Yosano's Japanese really is weird.

Yuasa, Narrow Road to the Deep North and other travel sketches
-- interesting to read Basho's earlier travel diaries but Yuasa translates all his haiku into four line quatrains which he thinks more suited to English. I won't give him an argument on that but it means more expansion than I think the Japanese warrants. As f'rinstance his translation of the frog poem:

Breaking the silence
Of an ancient pond,
A frog jumped into water-
A deep resonance.

Seriously. What the Japanese says is, simply, Old pond/ frog(s) jump in/ sound of water. No breaking the silence needed. And of course the frog jumped into the water- what else could it have jumped into?

Mark Henshaw, The Snow Kimono
-- ebook, discovered serendipitiously: someone recommended a second hand bookstore in the UK and when I went to their wp this was one of the books they recommended. Since it deals with a Japanese doctor and a French policeman who are conneced in some fashion, it's moderately congenial. Nice if it turned out to be genre but I see it has book club questions, which is never good sign.

Up next?

Not sure. I wanted to read The World of the Shining Prince but it's unaccountably vanishd from the shelf it ought to be on. May have to reread The Nobility of Failure instead.
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