mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Well, so that was the year that was. A year ago I was marginally less crippled than I am now- could still work sorta, and get up and down from chairs without as much effort, and walk to the subway occasionally. Cannot walk now if I'm wearing shoes or boots without my walking staff. Hopefully the knees will get done this year and hopefully all the lower back and hip flexor shenanigans will get better then.

If I must be retired and crippled, being retired and crippled during a lockdown is the way to do it. Mind says 'these are Special Times, don't expect normality' and so I had an extended holiday of nine months. If I feel low now, it's because it's winter and snowing and I can't get out to the stores I used to go to which provided a sufficiency of brief, masked, socially-distanced social interaction. Also because it was Special Times I managed to do two things I'd been postponing for years- got that stripped wire to the garage replaced (though it looks to me now that a bit has come loose from its retaining cord) and got new steps (though the wood is warping already.) I drag my feet from a conviction that anything I have repaired will cost a lot of money and will never be done satisfactorily, and so far I'm rarely disappointed. However I suppose next thing will be to have a plumber come look at my leaking shower apparatus and tell me what it will cost to have a shower that doesn't leak.

I also got my weight down to something not seen since the 80s, but Christmas and normal eating has got it right back up to where I was in September.
Tags: health, rl_20

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