mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Slept deeply and continuously until past 11:30, wakened only by the ringing of a non-existent phone which pulled me from a frustration dream of trying to block pop-ups that a Japanese anime webpage had put on my computer, whack a mole style. Having learned my lesson yesterday, I did half an hour's stretch and strengthen before breakfast and for no good reason found myself remembering Seoul in 1991, the three unpleasant days I spent there that July. Got rooked by a taxi driver coming in from the airport, got stared at by everyone on the street, was confronted by belligerent men carrying long iron bars at the doorway of every public building, this being right after the riots. Coming back to Tokyo I forgot my bag on the Skyliner and was going to let the staff at the inn call JR about it but then thought, No dammit this is my country- for certain values of 'my'- I can at least speak the language here, so went to Ueno's lost and found myself and of course the honest Japanese had left my bag in the overhead compartment where the train staff had collected it and turned it in. Score one for Japan.

The rest of the day- all four hours of daylight I was awake for- was devoted to laundry and dishes and double crostics. I have to start rationing those: there's only two books left in the series and I want one for post-op whenever post-op happens. But the one I did today, with clues I couldn't begin to answer and had to google, resolved itself halfway through into the first four lines of Ginsberg's Howl that I almost have by heart, so I had to do the one after that to make up for it.
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