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Friend from work, not seen since 2015 or so because she got a F/T job elsewhere so is now a FB friend, has been baking sponge cakes. I ordered one and she delivered it today. But the scale this morning reported the Christmas damage as two kilos and rising so- reluctantly- I took it over to south NND as an incentive for her to keep shovelling my sidewalk, since she did it again this morning. From which I discover that she has very sensibly duplexed her house into an upstairs apartment and a downstairs/ basement. (Naturally I rang the wrong doorbell first, but her tenant is a courteous person.) For all I know, the house was always divided like that, since there were tenants from time to time in the past. But like my house, the units were probably not partitioned off- my study was a second floor kitchen when I bought it- and now they are, very handsomely.

This is one way buyers carry the incredible mortgage loads an over-inflated housing market imposes on them: it may be zoned as single family unit but if you paid over a million for it, you don't get to live as if it were. What intrigues me is that she evidently never intends to occupy the whole house (see: partitioning walls) and I'm wondering if down the road she intends to have her parents live there, rather than doing the garage over as a laneway dwelling as first suggested. For one thing, the garage isn't a discrete unit: it shares a common cinderblock wall with mine. Putting on a second storey would be iffy, and even renovating what's there strikes me as a difficult undertaking. And the result is a very cramped living area: there's probably more floor space on her second floor apartment.

Anyway, after that I went to acupuncture, very unhappily with knees twinging in the cold damp and two surly cab drivers. My fault for not stretching properly this morning, but anyway: I needn't go anywhere unil Thursday when it's supposed to be well above freezing and raining, so at very worst can wear shoes. I have a grocery order coming Tuesday so can stay indoors and practise social distancing. Unless I decide I really really want a chicken to roast and decide to hazard the two blocks to Fiesta to get it. I don't trust Loblaws meat to be humanely raised, and even if organic, it's still far more expensive than Happy Cluckers at Fiesta. But we shall see. There's plenty of fish in the freezer needs eating, besides two packs of Happy Cow that I bought to make meatloaf with if I feel ambitious, or beef fried rice if I don't.
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