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Quiet Christmas day started out v. pleasantly with the discovery that someone (south NND, Phantom Snowblower, Kris Kringle?) had cleared my sidewalk, front walk and steps of last night's heavy snow. Thought 'Oh dear south NND keeps giving me presents and doing me favours I really must get her something in return' (Japan-induced Law of Equivalent Exchange reflex), then thought 'You know all those decades you spent shovelling snow so all the arthritic old ladies on the street could get to the stores? You're the arthritic old lady now. Let the wakamono have at it.' Which sort of thing takes a Boomer by surprise but is also unarguably true.

However they didn't shovel past the walk way, leaving two metres to be done, so after putting my turkey roll in the oven I booted up to do it, only to find that north NNDs had cleared it while shovelling their own sidewalk. So that was that.

Then had my turkey and mash and green beans, and opened incandescens's present. Which turns out to be the thing I always wanted and didn't know existed, the text and translation of Yosano Akiko's tanka collection, Midaregami/ Tangled hair. Have read the introduction so far and sheesh was Tekkan even more of a horndog than Rexroth would have him. And she had thirteen kids by him while producing a dozen collections of poetry and a modern Japanese translation of Genji. Admirable woman (up to a point: she later turned deep-dyed imperialist) but not, I think, someone I'd be comfortable knowing. Too much of Sei Shonagon (crossed with Izumi Shikibu). Probably made for an uncomfortable lover as well. But ars longa: I can still enjoyher poetry.

But thank you, incandescens. I foresee many hours with this book.

(There was a kind of... colophon at the end of the movie The Return of Martin Guerre, that mentioned that only a few years later the judge in the case would be put to death and said I *think* something to the effect of 'but all these people are dead now'. Does anyone else remember that? I've never been able to track it down, short of renting the film, which now you can't do anymore. Have to use netflix or something.)

(Oh, ok. Everything exists on the net except not in French. "For his Protestant beliefs Jean de Coras was hanged before the Toulouse Parliament with a hundred of his friends. But we live only by the spirit. All else dies.")
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