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Walked to the laundromat with my rollator and it... didn't hurt as much as before? What pain there was, was elbows mostly. So maybe those flexor stretches are doing something? My plaint that doing strengthening exercises for eight or nine months has no results is countered only by the hip flexor exercise: where you lie at the edge of the bed and let that leg trail on the floor while bending the other knee to your chest. Time was, lifting the trailing leg back up used to be difficult, and now I can do it no problem. But it seemed very little result for so much work. However am chuffed at the idea of being able to get out even after the snow falls... if I can, and today wasn't just an unachy day. And the elbows still *hurt*, and will hurt worse walking over bumpy ice. But that consideration is for later,


The Dark Archive, especially with the coda saying We're near the end of this, guys. Sigh.

Kipling, The Knights of the Joyous Venture
-- someone on tumblr was saying 'Look, clots, if an unrepentent imperialist colonialist can put a Chinese sailor on board his Viking ship, what's your problem?' I might cavil at the unrepentent bit, but yeah: not only Asian sailors (with unlikely names) but female pirates mentioned in passing as well. Except it seems I never read that part of Puck of Pook's Hill, so now I have. Not sure if I'll read all the rest of it: much perefer Rewards and Fairies.

Reading now?

Rankin, Exit Music
-- Rebus, as ever, and Big Ger Mcafferty, sigh, but mindless reading anyway.

Picked a Japanese book from the gomi, Bijinesu Koushou Jutsu/ Business Negotiating Tactics, aimed at poor Japanese having to negotiate stuff in English. Reading the introduction and explanations because they use watercolour business vocabulary that I never got a handle on. Am not likely to remember them now either but it does reinforce the kanji study.

Rickman, The Bones of Avalon
-- not a fan of the Merrily Watson series- definite lack of a there there/ neither fish nor flesh nor good red herring-- but figured a semi-mystery about John Dee might go down better. Maybe it's because this is an ebook but so far... there's still a lack of there theres.

Next up?

Really tempted to reread The Magician's Nephew. I wasn't as bowled over by Piranesi as some-- in spite of having all my ascendants etc in Pisces, I am stubbornly an earth-and-wood Capricorn when it comes to water, esp sea water, which basically I do not like and do not trust. But The Magician's Nephew does it just right: bound water in pools in a forest, to say nothing of orchards on top of hills.

Must contact the library system and arrange for home delivery during the winter season. Can have a bunch of my holds delivered to me and picked up for the duration, however long the duration lasts.
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