mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Called my doctor to get the results of my three weeks ago' blood tests. Marvelous, magnificent, blood sugars and cholesterol have plummeted well into normal territory. So can I stop taking those statins? Oh no, it takes months for cholesterol levels to change. But mine have changed in the last four months. No, best wait till spring and then maybe I can go on half doses. Argh. Doctors do so love their statins.

However blood sugars are likely to go up again, at least for now, because my thin mint cookies have arrived, and I'm eating bread again, however whole wheat and seedy, and indulging in p&b sandwiches, and drinking wine on top of it. It's Christmas in the plague year and one needs support until the days start growing noticeably longer. May just add an extra half hour to my biking time.

I was finding that growing tedious, but-- well, t'other day I was hading to acupuncture in a cab when acupuncturist texted she was running late could we start ten minutes later? And I of course fifteen minutes early, as always, had to find some place to pass the time and so went into the foreign newsagents near by (near in the days when I could walk: a five minute limp in my current crippled state.) Browsed about, saw no books I wanted, but to show willing bought a back copy of the New Yorker. Turns out the New Yorker is perfect bicycle reading: light enough to hold while my knees bounce up and down (whoever called this an under table machine lied in their teeth) and engrossing enough in content that I don't notice time passing. Possibly might opt for a subscription, depending on finances.

Also came home yesterday to a gift bag from south NND, with a jar of mulled cider and a box of almond brittle. The latter I dare not eat for fear of losing fillings, crowns, and chunks of teeth, alas, but the former I can drink and do. Very cinnamony, which I hear has health benefits.

And G, your parcel also arrived today in case you were worrying about mail from the UK. I look forward to Friday to discover what it is.
Tags: food, health, xmas

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