mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Exercising to carols, which is fine, but would someone please tell me what was *wrong* with Benjamin Britten? Never met an old harmonious song- carol, folk song, you name it- that he didn't hate and couldn't wait to torture into (I assume; am musically illiterate) a pentatonic scale. And then a buncha 20th century composers did the same and all the choirs in Oxbridge jumped on the bandwagon. Really truly there's nothing wrong with the original tunes of There Is No Rose or Adam Lay Ybounden, and the Britten-tachi being all clever with them pisses me off far more than it should.

To clean out the ears: the Gesualdo Six singing Es ist ein Rose entsprungen in Ely Cathedral:

The current Gesualdo Six + One doesn't seem to include the Sikh(?) guy, about whom I'd like to know more.
Tags: music

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