mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mildly vexatious day

First time ever, left the house to go shopping and halfway there realized I wasn't wearing a mask. The lineup was probably just as long then as ten minutes later when I showed up but the lineup still took a quarter of an hour. Put a container of yoghurt in the kid seat part of the shopping cart and it slipped out through the leg holes and cracked on the ground. Then I forgot two of the items I wanted even though they were on the list, and I certainly can't go back for them any time this week. Still get stuck trying to mount the bike and still can't figure out why. Made myself a cup of cocoa as consolation, put it on the table, pulled out chair to sit down, chair arm was wedged under table and pulling it out jarred the cup and slopped cocoa all over the tabletop. Boots I'd ordered online came- lightweight and waterproof that I'd hoped would let me walk more easily than my regular boots, and that I might wear down to the basement because my back hates my birkenstock now- but their 9.5s are too tight to wear with socks and don't feel as stable as my sock feet.

Ah well. Rain and snow aren't supposed to start until later tomorrow so maybe I can get my forgotten items from the conveni. Acupuncture Monday and after that snow, so an end to erranding. Come the new year I can go back to grocery delivery, and practising being a shutin for the spring (we hope) Real Thing.
Tags: rl_20

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